Don't be THAT coworker

Monday is near, and that means for most of us, it's the start of another LONG work week. There are a few reasons why people dread going to work; they either hate their job, their coworkers/boss, or a combination of both.

When you can't stand the people, you work with it makes the week go by very slow and makes the time stop at least five times a day. 


So to make sure we ALL have a very enjoyable work week here's a list of who NOT to be at work:

  • The "Sick" person
    • Nothing is more annoying than bringing your germs to the workplace.  Blowing your nose, sneezing/coughing in your hand is putting the rest of us at risk.  Have some courtesy and stay home or frequently disinfect your desk !!
  • The "Let's go to lunch, but can you drive" person:
    • Stop inviting people out to lunch, if you never want to drive YOUR car. After a while, people will begin to feel used.
  • The "Wendy Williams."
    • Stop sharing everyone's business, if they feel confident enough to share with you respect their privacy and keep it between the two of you. This person shouldn’t have to deal with others knowing their business. Nothing is more awkward than when someone asks you about something that you know you didn't share with them.  Being messy in the workplace can stir up some tension between yourself and your colleague.
  • The "Professor Xavier."
    • So for all my Marvel fans, you guys are pretty familiar with Professor X powers and how he can get inside your head ( he's literally that little voice inside your head .) For those who are not familiar with Professor Xavier, what I mean is pretty much brainwashing the new person by filling their head up with conscious thoughts on a colleague YOU may not like. This isn’t fair to the new person, who is just probably happy to have a new job and meet new people.
  • The "Drama Queen/King."
    • Now this one kind of goes hand in hand with #3, it’s okay to vent to a colleague but don’t be the co-worker that ALWAYS has something going on or always sharing your business. You ever heard of keeping your dirty laundry at home? Do exactly that, unless this person is your Boss, and your problems are affecting your job performance. Other than that you can't get mad if  Wendy Williams of the office is spreading your business like butter!
  • The "Messy Marvin / Dirty Diana "
    • We all have that one coworker we will be DAMN! If we eat anything, they bring for the office potluck.  We are all adults, and we learn what good manners are back in preK. So I’m pretty sure blowing your nose while everyone is eating, is most certainly NOT good manners or hygiene ( Wash your hands and step away from the lunch table !!)                                                  
  • The "Wannabe a Baller, Shot Caller."
    •  If you are on a teleconference, stay in your cubicle space!!  The rest of us do not need to be distracted by you walking around with your headset on as you conduct your call.              ***Also, put the phone on mute, if you are working from home, I do not want to hear your dog in the back barking while I am going over key points. It’s not only distracting to the host of the call, but it’s also a little rude.

I'm pretty sure as you read this list,  and it reminded you about at least ONE  of your coworkers or maybe a few. Please share what your office experiences are by commenting below!

 Happy Monday !! And may we all not have one of these coworkers #MEEK- up our day!  (It's hard being Drake.)