Returning Back to Work while STILL #grieving

Returning to work after a loss can bring on a lot of anxiety. This can affect your job performance and eventually your home. That's why it's  critical to follow the four steps below when returning to work  while grieving:

  • Take as much time as you need ( or allowed ):
    • If available use bereavement, sick days, vacation days, and FMLA(  with using FMLA you most have medical documents stating you can not perform your job duties).  When losing a loved one, it may seem that your world has turned upside down and you can no longer move forward.  I believe the harsh reality that we hate to face is that; Life still goes on, and you must move forward as well.  But that doesn't mean you should jump back into your normal activities right away unless that is your way of coping. 
  • Talk to your boss/HR:
    •  No one is a mind reader, and at the end of the day, your boss is about business. So that's why it's important to just be straight forward with what it is that you need from your job before returning. Even if you do not like the outcome of the conversation, the most important thing is that you told them what makes you comfortable and what doesn't. This show that you have respect for your job position but you feel at the time certain things may hinder you from performing your best. 
  • Seek Work Alternative:
    • If you can work from home, I advise taking advantage of working from home to get acclimated back to the workload before having to go back to the office.  Having to deal with work assignments and coworkers sending their condolences can be overwhelming the first few days. 
    • If you don't have the option to work from home,  see if you can work reduce hours for the first week or two.  
  • Hidden Messages:
    • My mother in law, said to me one day if  I was able to see everything that was going to happen in my life. I probably wouldn't want to live to see it.  I say this to say, sometimes losing a loved one is a sign to remind us that we are not living to our fullest potential. When you sit at one's funeral and listen to all the great things, so many people have to say about them: it makes you wonder, what will people say when I'm gone?
    • Although I still work a full-time job, my focus and enjoyment come from writing my blog and being able to help others through my testimony, but I must admit if it wasn't for the loss of my Makensie. I probably would have never started a blog, and it would've been something I just always wanted to do.