Work Lessons we learned from TV

I hated my job when I lived in D.C !! Outsiders could never grasp the concept of how could you not like your job ?!? Great pay and great benefits /perks - quarterly bonuses, company car, just to name a few. No one saw me after a long and exhausting day. I use to be so annoyed and pissy, it's like I couldn't shake work off of me. Even on my days off, I was still working because I had a company phone, which stayed on. The nights before work I would toss and turn because I just knew a shitty day was ahead of me.

So on my somewhat days off I would binge watch tv and compare my life to them. Don't judge me; I know you have done it at least once or twice !!

So here our some life/work lessons I noticed throughout my days of binge watching :

  • The Devil Wears Prada: Work- Life Balance
    • Throughout the movie Andy struggle with work-life balance: she missed her boyfriend's birthday dinner(strike 1), work through her dinner date with her dad(strike 2), and lastly during an argument with her boyfriend she HAD to  pause the with her boyfriend to pick up Miranda's call which resulted in her break up( strike 3!!!). Work- life balance is, unfortunately, something a lot of us have a hard time maintaining. Especially those of us who do not know how to say "no," I use to be a yes person even when I knew I didn't want to work overtime or travel. Not knowing how to say no, is one way that can affect our social life. Not only physically it will take a toll on you but mentally which leads to anxiety, stress, and depression.  Work hard so that you can PLAY HARD(er)
  • Insecure: Issa at " We got ya'll"
    • Insecure is one of my fav TV show, and during the episode when she proposes an idea to take the "We got Ya'll" kids to the beach. None of her colleagues agree with her idea, so throughout the entire planning, her colleagues had " secret emails and secret meetings" behind Issa back. None of them believe in her idea of just trying to expose new things to the kids.  There's been plenty of times, I know "secret meetings" of doubt were happening about me( workplace, the classroom, and even people I once consider as friends), and nothing gave me more pleasure than to receive the forced fake " I knew you would pull this off" approach.  When in doubt rap in the bathroom like Issa and KILL IT !!
  • Get out: The homeboy
    • Believe in yourself like the friend from "Get Out" believed in himself. You're unstoppable, he took his role of being TSA very seriously, and he lived up to what he believe he was.  Just think if we all had that kind of self-esteem, we would be so surprise on what all we could and would accomplish.
  • The Game: Melanie Barnett aka Med School
    •  Melanie left John Hopkins to follow Derwin so he may achieve his dream of being a professional football player. She never lost focus on her goals in life, I sometimes believe as women we automatically want to be the biggest supporter for our husbands, boyfriends, friends, and family members. But we often forget the most valuable player .... ourselves! 
  • Black-ish: Be more like Dre
    •  So if you are not familiar with the show Black-ish, it's pretty much about a family guy who struggles to gain a sense of cultural identity while raising his kids in an upper middle-class neighborhood.  In every episode, there's always a scene where Dre is discussing current social situations with his colleagues.  I like to consider myself a Dre, I always speak my truth but in a respectful manner.  Dre is also not afraid to disagree with his boss on social views as well. Some may think talking politics and other social opinions in the workplace can be inappropriate, but these topics do come up, and the question is, do you stick up for what you believe in or do you turn your cheek the other way?