Sippin Tee LLC

Along with writing for stillMOM, I have finally launched my business Sippin Tee.The items I make for Sippin Tee are made to create confidence in being a black woman. It’s sadly typical for a woman to be hit with insults about her appearance, but black women have been historically mocked and marginalized for physical traits specific to black womanhood, and they’ve been routinely vilified for perceived negative behaviors that are relatively universal.That’s simply misogyny and racism. Along with being the most disrespected person in America, black women are also at a higher risk for most major diseases.  


With this being said the proceeds I earned from Sippin Tee will go towards funding my up and coming nonprofit organization the Still Foundation. After losing my daughter to stillbirth in January 2017, I realize that women, especially black women are at higher risk for most major diseases, pregnancy loss, and mental illness.

 To support the Still Foundation or to just purchase some cute items! Click the link below