A Different Me

We all can agree that pregnancy is a beautiful thing to experience as we watch our bodies change over the weeks and begin to feel the kicks of our little ones inside of us.  However, our physical appearances aren't the only thing that changes. It's like your whole mentality on life changes, and it's not just because of those crazy pregnancy hormones!  I felt my prettiest when I was carrying Makensie, and I enjoyed the woman I was becoming. Anyone who knows me personally knows I'm stubborn as a rock and that I rarely showed emotions. But growing this beautiful blessing made me want to change my ways altogether. I wanted to be a better person for her. 

Tim always expressed how good it's going to feel to have someone who only sees the good in you, and I couldn't agree more.  I only thought about who I was becoming with her in my life. I never imagine life without her or the person I will become losing her.  It's bittersweet not to watch her grow and see the person she would've became. But her short presence in my life has made me strive to be better every day. I'm no longer a procrastinator; I'm enjoying the NOW and speaking up. 

Enjoying the present is important to me then it has ever been because you can't get time back. I remember being so ready to have her that I didn't enjoy the moments she was kicking inside of me. Now I would do anything to have those kicks again.  I always said live life to the fullest because it's too short. But I never imagine it being so short that it doesn't even begin.  

Along with enjoying the now, I have finally started to accomplish my " To Do " list. I guess you can say it's something like a bucket list, but the things on this list aren't for a one time experience. It's something I want to implement in my life and achieve. Check out my " To Do List"