(still)Mother's Day 2017


Mother's Day is a celebration of mother's, motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society (according to Google). May 14th,2017 was my first Mother's Day, and according to my google search, not only does Mother's Day celebrate mothers but it's also a celebration of maternal bond and the influence of mother's in society. I carried my Makensie Rae for 38 weeks, which is consider full term and just a 11 days away from our expected due date. From the time I found out I was pregnant up until this day  I grew a bond with my little one and I am still mothering her. As I share my story and bring awareness to Stillbirths and become the voice for those mothers, who lost theirs. I will consider that being #influential.

Many sent text messages saying " Happy Mother's Day, I know it may be a rough day for you, " but it wasn't because every day without her is a rough day for me (for us).  My Mother's Day was not the typical Mother's Day, it was different than most due to not physically being able to hold and kiss my child. However, in a bittersweet way this was one of the most peaceful days Tim and I both share and I truly believe it's because we know who our guardian angel is.  I KNOW  my little Makensie is up there whispering in God's ear. 

I couldn't ask for a better daughter and even though we only spent 38 weeks with each other. They were the best 38 weeks of my life. So no, I wasn't sad on Mother's Day and Mother's Day was not a "rough" day for me. I appreciate all the support and love that I received on that day and every day as I continue to share my journey with the world.  


P.S Happy Mother's Day to ALL mothers. 


Not just Mother's Day 2017 , but ALL Mother's Day.