Gifts for a (still)MOM

Giving a #stillMom a gift that reminds her that you haven't  forgotten about her loss and you're still thinking about her during the holidays will mean more than you could imagine. Even if it looks as though she is doing so well and you don't want to reopen wounds by giving her a sentimental gift . Let me be the first to tell you, a broken heart after child loss will remain broken.  Some days the pain will be bearable while other days will feel like the very first day all over again.


So with the holidays approaching so swiftly, I decided to create a gift guide to help you to pick the perfect and most comforting gift to show a grieving mother you are thinking about her during the holidays. 


A Thread Runs Thru It is a small business that creates the most precious sympathy gift for grieving families. The owner Sarah is also a mother who experience loss and received an angel ornament from her mother which begin  A Thread Runs Thru It. Sarah takes the time to personalize each ornament by including your baby's name, favorite teddy bear and whatever else reminds you of your little one.  Unfortunately, she is completely booked until the beginning of the year, but it's still worth placing your order and surprising a #stillMOM after the holidays with one of the many Ornaments that they create.


A nice Read

A good book that's relatable is hard to come across, but  Tiffany Unchurch- Rivera's book: RuinedWomb will hold a #stillMOM hand and help her feel less alone during the holiday season.  This book is created with poems that describe the pain of pregnancy loss and reflections on why you should not lose your faith in God. 

However, if you notice a #stillMOM is struggling with her faith  and trying to restore it  these books here will most certainly help her get back on the right path: 

 Fervent by Priscilla Shrier 

I'll Hold You In Heaven by Jack Hayford

Woman thou art Healed & Whole; A 90 Day Daily Devotional Journey  by T.D Jakes


Personalized everyday gift:

If you're stilllMOM is a  coffee or tea lover, gift her an Angel mommy coffee mug from Sippin Tee LLC or request to create a custom mug.


Gift Basket from the Heart

A gift basket with little treats will uplift anyone's mood. You can put her favorite candy, fuzzy socks, lavender Epsom salt for a nice bath, a candle, and maybe even one of the books listed above.


A Day Out

Inviting a stillMOM out to the movies, dinner, shopping, or spa day, would mean a lot because even when she thinks she wants to be alone, what she needs is family and friends around.