Bucket List or a To Do list

“You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new “ Brain Tracey

I am finally starting to check off items on my  " To Do " list. I guess you can say it's something like a bucket list, but the things on this list aren't for a one time experience. It's something I want to implement in my life and pay it forward. 

Below is a list of my "To Do" list:

1.) Host a Charity event
In September 2017, I was given a chance to host my first charity event.  I always wanted to be a part of a meaningful organization and host events to bring awareness to a worthy cause.   I never imagined that I would be the coordinator, decorator, and all the other positions that are needed when hosting/planning an event. Kensie Royale was a charity event to honor my daughter  Makensie and all babies loss too soon ( miscarriages, SIDS, stillborn), the proceeds raised went to support the Star Legacy Foundation's mission which is to raise awareness, support research, and advocate for change to help the families who experience devastating child loss. 

Kensie Royale raised $2,550. Next year the goal would be $5,000, but this time the proceeds will go to support the Still Foundation.

2.) Starting a Non -Profit
After seeing the success of the stillMOM blog and Kensie Royale, I realized my true calling, and that's being a voice for the voiceless.  Working alongside with some great women, we are in the process of getting the Still Foundation prepare for 2018.  The Still Foundation will be an organization for women, especially black women.It’s sadly typical for a woman to be hit with insults about her appearance, but black women have been historically mocked and marginalized for physical traits specific to black womanhood. Along with being the most disrespected person in America, black women are also at a higher risk for most major diseases. The Still Foundation goal is to help black women in the most important areas in her life: Physical Health, Mental Health, & Career by educating and advocating. 

With this being said the proceeds I earned from my business Sippin Tee will go towards funding the Still Foundation.

3.)Owning a business
As mention above the proceeds from Sippin Tee will go to the Still Foundation.  I created Sippin Tee because I have always been into arts and craft.  So this summer I LLC Sippin Tee and decided to start an Etsy Shop owner first just to get a feel of owning my own business.  Even though I have a management and Lean Six Sigma background,  there were things I needed assistance with since I am a one-woman show for now.  If you are looking for some cute mugs to sass up your morning tea or coffee, Sippin Tee is the perfect place for you!

Do you have a bucket list or a " To Do " list "?