Every Penny counts!!

For as long as I can remember I have always been good at saving money and finding ways to make money.As a freshmen in high school, I would sell candy till I was old enough to get a job. I even still have a piggy bank for all my spare change (it's my Christmas money every year).

Tim always mention how much he admires how I can save so well.  Besides my piggy bank, savings account, and 401k  below are some things that help me to get the most  bang for my buck

  • Acorn:

    • Acorn is a spare change investing app.  This app will have you link your bank account to it, and every time you make a transaction, it will round up. For example, buy coffee at $2.40, Acorn will invest $.60.  I like acorn because I rarely carry cash but this helps me still save on the spare change that I have from a transaction. Acorn is the perfect app for you if you are trying to get better in saving or ready to take baby steps towards investments, use this code to receive a $10 start towards your investment https://acorns.com/invite/D5ZP89( this code is only valid for the month of April). Also, Acorns gives you the option on what spare change you want to invest in, so don't worry about money getting taking out every swipe. It's totally up to you if you want to invest the change or not. Another plus the money you save whenever you want you can deposit it into your account. Think of it like another emergency saving account, if you ever need some extra cash! ** My husband told me about this app and just with bill payments, gas, entertainment and grocery shopping. I'm already at $50 .**


  • Shopular is a life changer.  Shopular lets you know if there are any sales and coupons available in retail stores near you. Due to Shopular I never have a wasted shopping trip, I look at the app to see if there are any good sales before even leaving the house.IDK about you, but I have to have a plan before going shopping.  Not a fan of big crowds!  So if I'm out, it has to be worth it and fruitful.


  • Ebates:

    • So I know you guys have seen the commercials for Ebates. I'm here to tell you; this is legit. During pregnancy, it was easier to shop online for Christmas and Black Friday.  By shopping through Ebates' web browser, you'll receive cash back. Each store has a different cash back percentage ranging from .5%-14%.  So not only did I have online codes from Shopular and free shipping. I was pretty much not paying taxes or getting an item for free. Ebates cashes out quarterly and with my first check from them pay through PayPal, I received $50, and that was just giving it a try. Now all my online shopping I will go through Ebates.  If you enjoy online shopping you have to use Ebates, so join now using this code    ebates.com/r/CATNAY3


  • Ibotta :  

    • This is another cash back app that pays you through PayPal or Venmo. However this one is a little different then Ebates because you can earn cash back through grocery shopping and retail . Ibotta allows you to scan grocery receipts and if they have the items on the app like bananas, trail mix, wine, etc. (usually these are the most frequent items). You'll get a certain amount of cash back. Also, Ibotta allows you to go to stores like Best Buy, HM, Soma and earn cash back from your purchase. All you have to do is just let the cashier scan your QR, and within 48 hours you'll receive cash back.  I just started using Ibotta mid-March and with my short time have made it to $15, and that's just buying bananas, trail mix, eggs, orange juice, cheese, wine, and my recent trip to Best Buy. So there you have it, you been holding on to those receipts for a reason! Start putting them to use and download Ibotta https://ibotta.com/r/wgorbvk ** Ibotta has a great cash back selection of Spirits, and Beer as well**
  • Flipp: 

    • Flipp is a digital coupon app if you are like me and sometimes you can't keep hold to paper coupons. Flipp is the way to go, particularly as it allows you to add digital coupons to your favorite store loyalty card ( i.e., Publix, Dollar General, Winn Dixie). Flipp has store coupons and manufacturer coupons that will allow you load to your loyalty card. This is so much easier because sometimes I  just clip coupons for household products and forget! So now I just always enter my phone number at Publix, and Dollar General because I know I have a coupon for something and 9 chances out of 10  I always do !!! 


  • Paribus:

    • Do you suffer from FOBO ( fear of better offer)? Well, no fear Paribus is here!. Paribus will help you keep an eye out for any online shopping purchase you make and if the retailer decides to drop the price after your purchase. Paribus will do all your dirty work and request you get a refund of the difference. I wish knew about this during Christmas time, but I just learned about this app in February. The only downside with Paribus is that they take 25% of your refund, but with this code https://paribus.co/i/Tke4aD, you can cut it down to 20%.



  • T-Mobile Tuesday: 

    • So this app will only be helpful for T-Mobile carriers, but T-Mobile Tuesday has some good perks. Just this week you were able to use the app at Shell gas stations and get $.25 off per gallon for up to 20 gallons. Not bad right ?? T-Mobile also makes date nights affordable; sometimes they have $2 movies tickets you can get off of Fandango #winning. ** the last movie we spent over $25 at a matinee ( never again).**



  • Cartwheel: 

    • For all my Target lovers you guys are already hip to Cartwheel. This is for the ones who feel Target is pricey, which it can if you don't have the Cartwheel app and Shopular.  Yep, Shopular tells you about all the deals that you can get at Target and receive gift cards for certain purchases ( $5 gift card for household products when you spend $20 or more. Or $20 gift card when you shop in the baby section and spend $125 or more). Along with the gift cards, you can also get a percentage off through the cartwheel app or by using a  manufacturer coupon that you can get on coupons.target.com.  ** I was able to get $40 worth of gift cards over a period of time, I was able to use towards an Apple watch that went on sale at Target.**


  • Walgreen Wellness member: 

    • I like to buy my vitamins and sometimes my natural hair products from Walgreens,  be an awarded member you always have a chance of BOGO  sometimes you may get one for free or at least one for 50%.  As all my natural hair beauties know our products can be pretty pricey, so that's why this is such a good deal . Buying shampoo and getting conditioner 50% off and sometimes even free !!! #winning. Another thing I enjoy about being a Wellness member is the  points you earn cash back. You just have to ask the cashier how much cash back you have and then you can apply it to your purchase! ** I also enjoy printing pictures off my phone at Walgreens, as member, you can get 40% off prints**